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Fighter, bartender, babysitter, best friend, and love interest… From the original Final Fantasy VII game on PlayStation 1 in 1997 through to the Final Fantasy VII Remake on PlayStation 4 in April 2020, Tifa Lockhart has played a varied and significant role in Cloud’s story.

While a lot of players associate her with the Tifa vs. Aerith romantic debate, this lovely lady has worn many more hats than just being a love interest for the player. Including a very charming cowboy hat.

Teenage Tifa Lockhart in her cowgirl outfit stands with a member of SOLDIER
Teenage Tifa Lockhart in her cowgirl outfit stands with a member of SOLDIER

A central theme in her character development and behind many of her roles is the strength it takes…


And with that said, you have been warned and the meta on Sephiroth may begin. For those who were introduced to Final Fantasy VII in the 1997 release for PlayStation 1 (or at least played it first), Crisis Core on the PSP was a 2007 game well worth being glued to an outlet for with a supposedly portable system.

Although it was released after Final Fantasy VII, Crisis Core is a prequel in the canon timeline. As such, players entered the game expecting to have their hearts ripped out by the…

Of course, please be aware:
There are Spoilers Ahead

A lot of strange science/magic things happen to Cloud at the end of Crisis Core and through Final Fantasy VII, so the best place to begin is naturally the start.

Childhood in Nibelheim
His friendship with Tifa sheds a lot of light onto who Cloud was growing up and how he differs from the larger personalities found in the FFVII cast.

His father died when he was young and aside from Tifa, he didn’t have any friends. …

Here’s my theory analysis of your favorite Detroit: Become Human grump and mine! I’ve gone through his major traits and possible influences on him, and I’m happy to chat with you about them if you’d like.

Resentment of Androids

Career threat

Connor is essentially a RoboCop for lack of a better term, and there’s a serious risk of every cop being replaced if Connor shows promise. Considering the rioters in Marcus’ first chapter, androids replacing all human workers is a growing concern across the country.

And from the fact that another cop is having breakfast with him in the famous…

In response to the philosophies prompt on the Square Enix Amino, I’ve analyzed a recurring phrase in the Kingdom Hearts series, but specifically in Back Cover.

“May your heart be your guiding key.”


Spoilers Abound

The one time the meaning of this phrase is explained is by the Master of Masters, who claims to say it all the time. In the Case of Invi, he tells her that “you ultimately need to do what your heart feels is right”. (He also says it to Aced during the Case of Aced, although he doesn’t explain it then.)

Yuri on Ice has many themes and elements: identity, love, perspective, and of course ice skating (and more). This analysis is focused on love as displayed by three different relationships of the following pairs of characters: Yuuri K. and Viktor; Michele and Sara Crispino; and Georgi Popovich and Anya.

These are not all romantic pairs.

This analysis does not touch on all representations of love in the series.

Just a reminder! Now let’s get to it.

Viktuuri represents a healthy developing romantic relationship, Michele and Sara represent a dependent platonic relationship, and Georgi and Anya represent a toxic romantic relationship.

Viktor and Yuuri

Years ago now, I started watching Walking Dead on a whim because I needed background noise while sewing. You will be certain after this analysis that it quickly became much more than background noise to me. And one of my favorite characters, hands down, is Carol Peletier.

What prompted this analysis on her character was this idea from the Walking Dead Amino from TyReeses Puffs with support from Crescent.


Naturally, we start at the beginning.

Carol was mousy and quiet, but people liked her. They wanted to protect her from her husband, Ed. That kind of thinking around Carol does factor into her persona later in…

Since the anime started in 2016, I’ve see a lot about Viktor in context of other characters, but nothing on the man himself. Here to change that, I bring to you a close analysis of Viktor from Yuri on Ice!

For a solid foundation in this meta, I want to start with the meaning of his name. Names do have meaning both in IRL language and in anime in particular, where symbolism of that nature is fairly common.

His full name is:

Viktor Nikiforov

His first name refers to victor, of course, as in victory.

His last name, Nikiforov, has…

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